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(the exhibition of art passed by the censor) or ARTISTS FORBID"
Novosibirsk, Russia
February 22 ,2001

Yury Kondratyuk's Foundation, not-for-profit organization, Novosibirsk in the frames of "The New House of Culture" project (under the support of Ford Foundation)
Chief curator : Konstantin Skotnikov
Co-curators : Dmitry Bulnygin, Slava Mizin
Technical support : Alexey Tarkov, Igor Popovitch
Project Conception: In the period of several post war decades in the USA and Europe , as well as in Russia in the 90-ties, the ultra radical tendencies such as situationism, actionism, contecstualism played a prominent role in contemporary arts. The violation of any taboo existed in the society has become the basis of these artists' activities. This practice can be justified from a certain experimental point of view, namely : so far as the psyche of a contemporary person is subjected to the destructive influences of sociogenic character radical art has to offer its audience the original vaccine against social syndromes. But not prepared audience consider this vaccine as an intoxication.
The neo-radical tendency proposes to refuse from art-vaccination of audience, from radicalistic representation of different painful aspects of life in art , namely : violance, death, blood, criminal, sex, perversion, taboo vocabulary, everything that is to be adopted by censors.
To participate in the project the artists are invited to present their artistic works where in any case "sex", "drugs" and "rock-and-roll" are forbidden, blamed or ostrasized. The motto of the exhibition is : ARTISTS FORBID! So, the actual artists have the opportunity to come to meet the cenzoring discourse of guazi-loyal audience.
The first presentation of the project in multimedia format is to be on the expositional spaces of the "Black Widow" club and Yury Kondratyuk's Foundation, Novosibirsk (the exact dates are to be announced on the site www.inart.newmail.ru).

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